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These loan programs are available for small or large investors looking to build or refinance a portfolio of rental properties.

Loan Types Overview

The following loans are available across the United States. Feel free to give us a call for any questions about loan terms and flexibility. 


  • Minimum Credit Score – 660
  • -80% max financing
  • -Funds to close not sourced or seasoned
  • -Property does not have to be leased (Income determined by
    market rent schedule on the appraisal)
  • -Seller concessions for closing costs and prepaids up to 6%


  • 70% LTV after 30 days of ownership
  • 75-80% financing after a year of ownership
  • Refinance while property is for sale


  • Minimum score 680
  • Can do a bridge loan on house currently for sale
  • No max loan amount
  • No DSCR considered
  • Cash out up to 75% LTV
  • Reserves – 3 months PITI
  • Can do interest only


  • $250k minimum loan amount
  • Bundle all properties into 1 loan
  • Max 7 properties max per loan
  • Can do up to 75% cash out based on the whole bundle and can finance certain loan amounts for certain properties
  • Reserves – 6 months PITI

No personal income verification or debt ratio limitations

Income is determined by market rent value of the property. Market rent value being a certain percentage above the loan payment value is the number one factor when obtaining this loan.

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